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Ghost Land

Ghost Land

Patrick Martinez

Patrick Martinez Serpents Welcome to the Jungle 2022 high res.jpg
Patrick Martinez Serpents Welcome to the Jungle 2022 high res.jpg

Patrick Martinez’s most ambitious and expansive presentation to date, Ghost Land will feature a large-scale sculptural installation.

Ghost Land pays homage to urban landscapes lost and destroyed. Patrick Martinez unearths stories of resilience and solidarity in the face of rapid gentrification, speaking to the realities of displaced communities across California and beyond. Excavating overlapping histories embedded in specific materials, he exposes complicated truths behind the romanticization of California. Erased, eroded, and ruined details throughout Ghost Land capture not just the passage of time but ongoing personal, civic, and cultural loss. Like graffiti that still remains after attempts to erase it, this exhibition is a testament to what endures, what refuses to be forgotten.


September 23, 2023–January 7, 2024


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Patrick Martinez, Serpents (Welcome to the Jungle), 2022 Stucco, neon, mean streak, ceramic, acrylic paint, spray paint, latex house paint, ceramic tile and tile adhesive on panel
72 x 144 x 5 inches
Courtesy the artist and White Cube
Photography: JW Pictures

Patrick Martinez lives and works in Los Angeles. Dedicated to speaking out against urgent racial and socioeconomic injustice, his practice is broad and includes landscape paintings, “cake” paintings, neon installations, and his series appropriating vintage Pee Chee folders. Central to Ghost Land is a newly commissioned large-scale sculpture, Martinez’s first landscape in the round.

Artist Patrick Martinez is dedicated to honoring and uplifting Black and Brown youth in California. His paintings reference vintage Pee-Chee folders, transforming the popular school supplies into protests against violence, displacement, and racial injustice. Martinez created this mural in the style of his Pee-Chee series to celebrate graduates from Alive & Free’s violence prevention and leadership programs.

This project is presented by The Warriors Community Foundation, ICA SF, and Alive & Free. The basketball court is located 400 ft south of the museum between 923 and 947 Minnesota street.

Mural artwork by Patrick Martinez.
Painted by Bay Area Mural Program (BAMP).
From the Eoyang-Reddig family to Dogpatch.
In honor of Stephen Jackson.

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