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Ofrendas: Neither Here nor There

Coffee & Chef Pop-Ups

Ofrendas: Neither Here nor There

Past event

Ofrendas is a series organized by Jacob Croom (My Friend Fernando) and Emmanuel Galvan (Bolita Masa) that invites chefs from across the country to showcase their food and their approach to cooking rooted in Mexican heritage. The theme of this first event is Neither Here nor There, referencing the experience of living life on both sides of the border or living within two cultures—feeling a part of both and none simultaneously. Chefs participating in this inaugural Ofrendas include Tony Ortiz (NYC), Maricela Vega (Atlanta), and Luna Vela (Austin), along with Jacob Croom and Emmanuel Galvan (Bay Area).

Each chef will be offering antojitos (a 2-3 bite dish) and beverages during a lively, interactive evening promoting conversation between guests and chefs. Beverage options will be a Calidad michelada, natural wines, and a non-alcoholic option.

Tickets are $75/person for a tasting of 5 antojitos, 1 from each participating chef, and 2 beverages per person. The ICA SF galleries will be open and guests will be free to wander and enjoy the current shows, including Patrick Martinez: Ghost Land and Rupy C. Tut: Out of Place, two exhibitions that encompass the sentiment of Neither Here nor There.

Cumbias by B-Side Brujas.

We cannot accommodate any dietary restrictions, but vegetarian and vegan options will be offered.

Tony Ortiz (he/him/they/them) is a multidisciplinary artist and entrepreneur with roots in Northern California and Zacatecas Mexico. He runs the platform Chile Con Miel which focuses on the preservation and evolution of Mexican cuisine and heritage through a modern queer lens. Much of Tony’s cooking is a product of learning to cook ancestral foods on his grandparents ranch as well as working in professional kitchens across the Bay Area and New York.

Maricela Vega (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Atlanta and beyond. Mari works with food in various mediums including research work pertaining to maíz which remains her focal influential point of reference throughout her work.

Luna Vela (she/her) is a norteña anthropologist and molinera based in Austin, Texas. Luna is the owner of Neighborhood Molino, an educational masa project. Her work aims to honor her region's native foodways through a queerfuturistic lens.

Emmanuel Galvan (Bolita) is a tortillerx based in the Bay Area. He is the proprietor of Bolita Masa, an heirloom masa / tortilla business based in Berkeley, CA.

My Friend Fernando is a Chicano pop-up and supper club by chef Jacob Croom. Jacob has been cooking in Bay Area restaurants for over 10 years including Alta CA, Kronnerburger, and Tartine Manufactory. Food has been a way for Jacob to stay connected with his Mexican heritage, and starting his own pop up gave him the opportunity to both explore his culture and experiment with his own cooking style. Collaboration is at the core of My Friend Fernando: working with other chefs, farmers, bakers, purveyors, food industry professionals, and friends.