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Starting the Start-Up Museum 1/3

901 Club

Starting the Start-Up Museum 1/3

Oct 27

Most museums we visit have been around for a long time. While the Bay Area is full of new enterprises, it’s unusual to think of a museum as a start-up. The ICA SF journey from conception to opening has been a privilege, a challenge, and a case study in the state of museums as we emerge from the pandemic. So many extraordinary advisors, community members, artists, founding supporters, and others have been key players along the way.

Join us for the first part of a three-part discussion series and go deeply behind the scenes to hear a story that only we can tell. What does it take to start an experimental new arts organization in San Francisco today? What have we learned? What will we take forward?

This program will be moderated by ICA SF Founding Director Ali Gass, and each conversation will include a range of panelists who were critical partners along the way, from founding donors to artists.

901 Club levels with access to this program: Level 2+